What Happens After You Get Your First DWI?

When you get your first DWI, generally you are going to be sentenced to unsupervised probation for 12 months, you’re going to be ordered to do community service, and your license will be suspended for a year. You will be eligible for a limited driving privilege as long as certain aggravating factors are not present in your case; you didn’t injure someone, there wasn’t a person under 18 in the car at the time, you don’t have a prior DWI conviction, or your license wasn’t revoked at the time for a prior DWI conviction. As long as those things are true and this is your first offense, you can expect unsupervised probation, community service, you’ll be ordered to get an assessment and treatment, and ultimately you’re going to be eligible for a limited driving privilege just so you can drive to work while you’re serving that suspension.