Meet Raleigh Defense Attorney Dewey P. Brinkley (Video)

This is Part 21 of our weekly North Carolina Criminal Defense video blog: “Meet Raleigh Defense Attorney Dewey P. Brinkley


My name is Dewey Brinkley. I practice criminal defense and traffic law here in Wake County, North Carolina. I’ve been a criminal defense attorney for about 13 years now. I was an assistant DA here in Wake County for about two and a half years, mainly in district court, some in superior court.

The real benefit of being an assistant DA is you get to try so many cases. It has helped my development as a defense attorney just to have that trial experience and kind of know how the other side approaches cases.

I really found it to be an invaluable experience to do that. I got lots of trial experience as an assistant district attorney. I got to meet law enforcement officers. I learned a lot about our judges and our district attorney’s office. I learned the elements of crimes, and I think it really helped me to understand what the weaknesses in certain cases may be.

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