New Website Allows DWI Clients To Get An Assessment And Treatment Online

The NC Department of Health and Human Services has just approved a new way for DWI clients in NC to get assessments and treatment online. The website,, offers an online assessment, online treatment, and out-of-state reviews for clients who obtained an assessment or treatment in another State. The website is fully licensed by the State of North Carolina. These services are also offered in Spanish.

NC should be applauded for allowing online services for those charged with driving while impaired. For too long, out-of-state defendants needing an assessment and treatment were required to have a licensed NC substance abuse agency review their treatment completion and send in the appropriate documentation to the NC Division of Motor Vehicles. The new website removes those barriers by providing a less cumbersome way to satisfy those requirements. 

If you have been charged with a driving while impaired offense, and don’t have the time or transportation to obtain an “in person” assessment, or live somewhere out of the State of North Carolina, check out

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