Raleigh Defense Lawyer Answers – “Should I Speak to the Police?” (Video)

This is Part 28 of our weekly North Carolina Criminal Defense video blog: “Should I Speak to the Police?


A lot of times people call me and they haven’t yet been charged with a crime, but they’ve received a phone call from a detective or an investigator and they want to know whether they should call that person back and actually talk to them. They’re maybe not sure if they’ve done anything wrong or whether they’ve actually committed a crime, but somebody from a police department has touched base with them and they’re trying to make a decision should I call this person back and meet with them.

Just know under our Constitution that you have the absolute right against self incrimination. Your right to remain silent cannot be used against you in a court of law. I advise folks never to talk to a detective or a police officer without an attorney present because so often you really can’t help yourself, number one, by talking to the police. Their job is to build a case against you. There are certain circumstances under which I have gone with clients to give an interview to a police officer, but never talk to a police officer without your attorney present.

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