Raleigh Defense Lawyer Discusses Larceny Charges in NC (Video)

This is Part 25 of our weekly North Carolina Criminal Defense video blog: “Larceny Charges in NC


Larceny in North Carolina is basically taking the property of another person or entity with the intent to deprive them permanently of its use.

If I’m in Belk’s Department Store or Crabtree and I take something off the shelf and I exit the store and get completely through the doors and out into the parking lot, I have evidenced that intent to deprive Belk permanently of that merchandise. That’s what we call misdemeanor larceny as long as it’s under $1,000.

Felony larceny can be charged in a number of different instances. Everything from removing an anti-theft device from a piece of merchandise to stealing something over $1,000 or it can be larceny pursuant to a breaking and entering of a residence. All of those are characterized as felony larceny.

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