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Alcohol Monitoring Devices: A Great Alternative to Jail on Your Second DWI

Alcohol Monitoring Devices | Criminal Defense Lawyer | Raleigh NCIf you have been arrested for a DWI in North Carolina, and have a prior impaired driving conviction in the last seven years, then you need to educate yourself on the benefits of wearing a continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet to considerably lessen or eliminate the possibility of mandatory jail time.

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelets are worn around the ankle and test the sweat excreted by the body for the presence of ethyl alcohol. They are not cheap to wear—typically there is one time installation fee of $50-$75 and a cost of $10-$12 per day—but they can dramatically impact your ability to lessen or avoid jail time altogether on a repeat DWI offense. For level two offenders, a device worn for 90 days can eliminate jail time altogether. For level one offenders, wearing the device for 120 days can reduce the mandatory jail requirement to 10 days.

My experience has been that Judges love continuous alcohol monitoring devices. Number one, they show that the client has been proactive in doing something before court about their alcohol problem. Number two, it allows Judges in certain DWI cases to exercise their own discretion in not sentencing someone to jail or prison. Make no mistake, anyone who consumes alcohol can at some time or another be charged with a first time DWI. Judges understand that. It’s the second offense where the law, and the Courts, will assume you have a real alcohol dependency problem.

The alcohol monitoring bracelet is not for everyone, and is not a substitute for treatment or counseling. Full blown alcoholism is better treated in an inpatient facility. If you are continuing to drink or believe you cannot abstain from alcohol for 3-4 months, there is no reason to pay for the bracelet. It is expensive and the monitoring system is highly effective at testing for the slightest amount of alcohol in the body, and any tampering events with the bracelet are automatically reported by the device to the monitoring company.
On the other hand, I have had many clients who were trying to quit drinking say that wearing the bracelet was an added “security blanket” that helped them succeed.

A second DWI charge doesn’t have to mean jail. If you are ready to stop drinking a continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet can be an effective tool in Court to show the Judge that you are serious about addressing your alcohol issues.

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