Raleigh NC Defense Lawyer – Court Petitions Against Juveniles (Video)

This is Part 7 of our weekly North Carolina Criminal Defense video blog: “Court Petitions Against Juveniles


Once the petition is filed, the juvenile will have a court date. They’re automatically assigned a lawyer here in North Carolina. Typically the Court Counselor’s Office will meet with that parent and that juvenile and after talking to the parent and talking to the juvenile, they will make certain recommendations to the court about what the disposition in the case should be.

If you have a child that really doesn’t need a lot of court involvement, they come from a good family, and they aren’t having problems in school that may be a situation where the Court Counselor’s Office strictly recommends probation.

If you have a juvenile who’s in need of services, then the Court Counselor’s Office is the one who make that recommendation to the judge.

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