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Raleigh NC Embezzlement Attorney | Dewey Brinkley LawAt its core, embezzlement involves the theft of property and/or money; however, for a crime to be “embezzlement,” the defendant must have been entrusted to manage or monitor the property that he/she allegedly stole. In other words, the defendant didn’t have legal ownership of the property, but simply had access to it. In North Carolina, embezzlement is both a state crime and a federal crime, and the punishments can be severe.

No matter the circumstances of the case, you absolutely need the legal expertise of a prominent Raleigh NC embezzlement attorney at your side. At the Law Office of Dewey P. Brinkley, we can ensure a full-service criminal defense that combines expert knowledge of state and federal laws with aggressive and professional defense strategies. Our goal is to achieve a not guilty result or dropped charges. Or, if the evidence is truly stacked against you, we will relentlessly fight to keep you out of prison.

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Examples of Embezzlement

In general, if you’ve been entrusted with monitoring or managing someone else’s money, and you steal that property, then you can be charged with embezzlement. To give you a better idea of embezzlement, here are some common examples:

  • Cash larceny (stealing cash after it is recorded)
  • Fraudulent disbursement through fake invoices or forged checks, for example
  • Non-register sales (stealing cash before the sales enter an organization’s accounts)

The federal government may get involved and charge an individual with embezzlement if the alleged crime includes government funds or property by a government employee.

Potential Punishments for a Guilty Conviction

An embezzlement conviction is always a felony in North Carolina. However, the severity of the crime depends on many factors, such as the amount embezzled as well as the relationship between the defendant and the person he/she took property from. In general, individuals convicted of embezzlement may be facing between a Class C felony and a Class H felony. Other embezzlement penalties may include:

  • Public employees (N.C. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 14-91 & 14-92) — Stealing more than $100,000 can result in between 59 and 73 months in prison; stealing less than $100,000 can result in between 20 and 25 months in prison.
  • Public Officials and Other Defendants (N.C. Gen. Stat. Ann. § 14-93, 14-94, 14-97, & 53-129) — Stealing more than $100,000 can result in between 59 and 73 months in prison; stealing less than $100,000 can result in five and six months in prison.

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In addition to imprisonment and fines, an embezzlement charge can have extremely negative consequences on your ability to find a job in the future. Most employment positions involve money or valuable property, and embezzlement charges can symbolize a large X on future job applications. For all of these reasons, you absolutely need to consult an experienced embezzlement defense attorney if you’ve been charged with, or you’re under investigation for, this financial crime.

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