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DWI Traffic Stops Part Two: Don’t Do the Tests

In part one we discussed how you shouldn’t answer those little innocuous questions the Officer asks you that often come across as just small talk during DWI traffic stops. In part two, I want to talk about why it is vitally important that you not attempt to perform any physical field sobriety tests, no matter your level of sobriety.

Field sobriety tests are set up to make you fail. They are hard to do. Many officers describe and demonstrate what they want you to do so quickly that it is hard to follow. Usually they don’t demonstrate the whole test they want you to perform. Unless you can do them with exacting perfection, a 100% right, they are going to be used against you in a court of law. And you can bet that if you do 98 things out of a 100 right, the prosecutor is not going to stop hammering home in their argument the two things you did wrong.
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