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Raleigh, NC Suspended License? Here’s What to Do

Most of us don’t think about what would happen if we lost our driving privileges. How would you get back and forth to work, and run errands? Get to your doctor’s and other appointments? Having a suspended license can be very difficult to overcome. A suspension (or revocation) also becomes a permanent part of your driving record that you can’t expunge.

If you are suddenly without the ability to drive yourself around every day, you may need an attorney to help you get your license back.

The Reason

There are a number of reasons why North Carolina may suspend your license. While DUI is a frequent cause for suspension, there are others, including:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Refusal to take a blood or breath test at a traffic stop or DUI checkpoint
  • Accumulated “points” on your driving record from minor violations
  • Unpaid traffic tickets and other issues
  • Part of a separate criminal court sentence
  • Non-DMV related issues reported by other state agencies, such as failure to pay child support

How Long Is My License Suspended For?

Depending on the violation, you’ll lose your North Carolina driving privileges for anywhere from 30 days to 4 years (for a second offense DUI.) Once that period is completed, and you’ve fulfilled the suspension requirements, your privileges will be restored. You do not have to re-apply for a driver’s license after a suspension.

Multiple offenses (especially from DUI) involve a revocation or permanent loss of your driving privileges.

How Do I Get It Back?

Raleigh, NC Suspended License? Here’s What to Do

Your license can be restored after meeting eligibility requirements and paying all fines and fees. You may be required to attend an administrative hearing to shorten your suspension. A hearing may be required to determine your eligibility for restoration of your driving privileges after the revocation period.

North Carolina charges fees to restore your driver’s license once your requirements are completed (i.e., substance abuse assessment, driver’s ed, etc.) To pay these fees, you can go to any driver’s license office to pay in person, or by mail. These fees are separate from any other fines or charges imposed by the court or the DMV.

Additionally, if your suspension involves another agency, you will also be required to complete their requirements before your license is restored. For instance, if your license was suspended for back child support, your license won’t be restored until your balance is paid in full and brought current.

Applying For A Hardship License

Under certain circumstances, you can also apply for a “Hardship License” that would allow limited driving privileges after you’ve completed part of your suspension or revocation.

In addition to proof of insurance, you’ll have to offer a valid reason, such as driving to and from work, provide emergency medical care, and/or to run your household.

Your “limited license” would allow you to drive for 1 year, or for the remainder of your revocation, whichever is shorter.

Get Your License Back

Losing your license can be devastating. An experienced attorney can help you through the process of restoring your driving privileges.  Attorney Dewey P. Brinkley has helped hundreds of people restore suspended and revoked North Carolina driver’s licenses. Call us at 919-832-0307 to schedule your free consultation. We can’t get every suspended (or revoked) license restored, but we’ll help you through the process, and help you avoid mistakes that may extend your suspension.