Why Dewey Brinkley for Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Raleigh criminal defense lawyer Dewey Brinkley has a desire to give our clients quality representation with one on one personal touch. If you have been accused, charged, investigated or even received a parking ticket, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to handle the case for you. Dewey Brinkley Law Firm has tried over 300 cases and will devote our time and efforts to protect YOU.

With an initial Free Consultation we cover every area of Raleigh Criminal Defense, including:


Compassionate, Diligent, and Aggressive

As one of the leading Raleigh criminal defense attorneys in Wake County, Dewey P. Brinkley has seen it all. Thus, we are prepared to give your case a diligent and aggressive defense using a compassionate ear. This means we’ll fight for you while addressing your concerns. Also, we understand how a Raleigh criminal defense charge can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we’ll take care of investigations, contacting witnesses, and preparing a full-service defense to give you the best possible outcome.

Dewey P. Brinkley’s experience as a Wake County Assistant District Attorney has given him far-reaching resources. We’ll leave no stones unturned, and no matter the charge, we have professionals in the field who can examine each aspect of the case, from the alleged crime to the police and court’s handling of the case.

We are a full-service Raleigh criminal defense law firm

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